Rules for accepting bets on sports events
  • 1. Betting Rules

    1.1. These terms and conditions come into force from the moment they posting on the site. All previous versions of these terms and conditions are invalid.

    1.2. The terms and conditions set forth in this document constitute comprehensive agreement between the User and Winset B.V. in as a service and software provider - registered in the commercial register of Curacao under the number No. 136429 (legal address - New Haven e-Zone, Emancipatie Boulevard 29, Willemstad Curacao).
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    1.6. Each time, downloading the client application, regardless of the used media resource (via the Internet or mobile services) by opening an account and using an existing account, betting or participating in any games, accepting any prize, the client confirms his agreement with the current version of the Rules and the obligation to act in accordance with these Rules.

  • 2. Website Use Policy

    2.1. Winset B.V. does not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss, claimed to be incurred as a result of using this site or as arising from its contents. This provision is equally refers to the use or misuse of content site by any person, inability to connect to the site or use its delays in its functioning or data transmission, failures in communication lines, any errors, typos or omissions in the content of the site.

    2.2. Downloading photo and video materials from the website of the company or its subsidiary sites allowed for private use only. Publish, transmit or reproduction of this data for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

    2.3. Winset B.V. actively monitors the traffic of its website and leaves behind the right to block access in case of detection of automatic and robot betting.

    2.4. As part of fair play, the use of devices and software generating IP addresses(VPN, Proxy, etc.) must be agreed with the company by email

  • 3. Glossary

    3.1. The following terms and concepts should be interpreted as follows, unless the context clearly implies a different meaning.

    3.2. The main terms adopted in this edition of the rules:

    We, Us, Us - means Winset B.V.

    Website, website - means and all other sites associated with it, which are accessible through links or other access paths.

    Software - means a set of software tools, which provide users with the ability to bid and participate in games.

    Software tools are programs, databases, documentation and any information requiring download and used by Internet site.

    "Ordinary" - bet on an individual event.

    «Express» - is a bet on several outcomes of various events simultaneously. Thus, when you bet on the outcome of two or more events (for example, for two different football matches), you can combine them into an “express”. For winning on the "express" is necessary so that none of the outcomes that are included in the "express", there was no loss. Losing one of the outcomes of the "express" means losing the entire "express". “Express” win equals product bet amount on the played odds factors included in the "express" (if at one of the bets included in the "express", a refund occurs, then the coefficient on it is equal to unity).

    «System» - a set of "expresses" from a specific set of events. Each combination in the system is calculated as a separate “express”. To win in the system, it is enough that the indicated number of forecasts from the total number turned out to be true (determined by the name, that is, for example, in the “3 of 4” system, it is necessary that three out of four forecasts turn out to be correct, for “5 out of 7” you need to correctly predict the outcome of five events out of seven options, etc.). But it should be borne in mind that due to the fact that each of the expresses included in the "system" is only part of the total the amount of the bet (in proportion to the number of options), then the gain on such "System" will be less than the total possible gain on the "express". Besides Moreover, in some cases, when not all outcomes are predicted, the amount of winnings may be less than the bid amount. But, unlike express bets, part of the amount will be offset by predicted outcomes.

    «Chain» - a set of “ordinary” bets consisting of independent from each other friend events. The bet amount for each single bet is equal to the bet amount on the first single bet in the "chain". The player is invited to independently determine the order of rates included in the "chain" and deposit the amount only the first single bet from the entire "chain". The concept is introduced "Account chain." After the drawing of each single bet included in "Chain", the amount is calculated on this account. Initially, it is equal to the sum first bid.

    If the amount remaining in the “chain account” is less than the sum of the first single rates, in the next event a single rate is calculated based on account balance.

    The order of calculation of the "chain" depends on the order of the rates in given ticket, not from time to time.

    The total amount received after calculating the last single bet in "Chain" is payable to the player.

    If the amount in the “chain account” reaches zero, the “chain breaks” and the bet is considered lost.

    Handicap - competitive advantage or lag expressed in goals / points / sets, etc. provided by the bookmaker company to the participant at the rates on him.

    The result of the event, taking into account the handicap, is determined in the following way:

    The handicap given to the participant is added to the corresponding result, shown by the competitor. If so obtained result in favor of the selected participant, he is considered the winner, and bets on his victory taking into account the handicap win. Payments are made from winning odds specified in the bet description. If the result is in rival's advantage - bets are lost. If the result obtained taking into account the handicap - a draw, then the winning coefficient for such a result will be equal to unit (refund rate).

    For instance:
    • Command 1

    • Command 2

    • Handicap 1

    • Koef. 1

    • Handicap 2

    • Koef. 2

    • «Inter»

    • «Cagliari»

    • -1,5

    • 2,25

    • +1,5

    • 1,9

    1) Suppose you want to bet on the victory of Cagliari, taking into account the handicap. Handicap for bets on Cagliari (handicap 2) is equal to handicap +1.5. To win by a bet with a handicap of +1.5 is necessary so that Cagliari does not lose with a difference more than one goal, as handicap +1.5 will be added to goals Cagliari. We will analyze all the options.

    * а) «Cagliari» won, or the teams drew, or Cagliari lost with one goal difference. For example, the score of the match is 2: 1. Handicap (+1.5) result 2: 2.5 in favor of Cagliari (handicap of Inter in determining the result of bets on Cagliari is not taken into account). Bets win.

    * b) «Cagliari» lost with a difference of more than one goal. For instance, match score 2: 0. Given the handicap (+1.5), the result is 2: 1.5 in favor of Inter. In this case, the bets on the victory of “Cagliari” taking into account the handicap (+1.5) lose.

    2) Similarly, when betting on the victory of Inter, taking into account handicap -1.5, the following options are possible:

    * а) «Inter» won by an advantage of two or more goals, for example 3-0. FROM  Given the handicap (-1.5), the result is 1.5: 0 in favor of Inter. Bets win.

    * b) «Inter» won by a margin of one goal, the teams drew or defeated «Cagliari». For example, the score of the match is 2: 1. Given the handicap -1.5 the result of bets on «Inter» at handicap (-1.5) gives a total of 0.5: 1 in the benefit of «Cagliari». In this case, bets on «Inter» with handicap -1.5 lose.

    A double handicap bet (Asian handicap) is offered. Bet on victory or total, taking into account the handicap, is a multiple of 0.25 (but not a multiple of 0.5). Such the rate is calculated as two half rates, with the same coefficient and with the closest ordinary meanings of “simple odds” and “simple totals”, multiples of 0.5. In case when the Asian Handicap bet is included in "Express" and in the "system", it is calculated by the coefficient that would act at a single bet. If you win two simple rates in the calculations takes into account the rate coefficient K. If one simple the bet is won, and the other is refundable, then when calculating it is applied coefficient (K + 1) / 2. If one simple bet does not win, and another is refundable, then when calculating the "expresses" the coefficient is accepted 0.5. If both simple bets are lost, then the whole bet is considered lost.

    for instance:
    • Event participant

    • Double Handicap (Asian Handicap)

    • Coefficient

    • «Real»

    • -0,25 (0, -0,5)

    • 2,0

    • «Barselona»

    • +0,25 (0, +0,5)

    • 1,8

    If a bet of 200 euros is placed on Real Madrid and Real Madrid won, both simple half bets won and the gain is 100 * 2.0 + 100 * 2.0 = 400 euros. The game ended in a draw - one simple half the bet is lost, and the other won with a coefficient of 1, that is, a win equal to 100 * 0.0 + 100 * 1.0 = 100 euros, “Real” lost - two simple half bets are lost and the win is 100 * 0.0 + 100 * 0.0 = 0 euros.

    In the event that a bet of 200 euros is placed on Barcelona and Barcelona won, both simple half bets won and win equal to 100 * 1.8 + 100 * 1.8 = 360 euros. The game ended in a draw - one a simple half bet won, and the other won with a coefficient of 1, thus, the gain is 100 * 1.8 + 100 * 1.0 = 280 euros, Barcelona lost - two simple half bets lost, winnings are equal to 100 * 0,0 + 100 * 0,0 = 0 euros.

    Total - the number of goals, goals, points or games scored (abandoned, collected or played) by participants or a participant in events.

    for instance:

    Suppose you set the total of a football match (the amount of goals scored), equal to 4, and it is proposed to bet on the total for two outcomes: more or less than this total.

    If less than four goals are scored in the match (0: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1, etc.), bets on less than 4 win, on more - lose.

    If more than four goals are scored in a match (4: 1, 4: 2, 3: 2, etc.), bets on less than 4 lose, on more than 4 they win.

    If exactly four goals are scored in the match (3: 1, 4: 0, 2: 2, 1: 3, 0: 4), All bets on more than 4 and on less than 4 will be refunded.

    European odds

    Two main distinguishing features of the European odds: it is always only the whole ("+1", "+2", "-1", "-2") and it does not assume a return with an equal final score, taking into account the odds. Therefore, the European odds is always rated higher in coefficients than the same Asian odds. The third difference is that you can bet on a draw with the European odds.

    For example, take the same match - "inter" against "Cagliari". To win with Cagliari European odds "2" was asked, coefficient is 1.90. In this case, if “inter” had won with a difference of 2 goals, for example, 2:0, then taking into account the odds the score would have been 2:2, and our bet would have lost, since the European odds does not involve a return. One ball advantage and less is the bet would have played with a odds of 1.90. Two balls advantage and more is the loss.

  • 4. Bid policy

    4.1. Values of parameters (including handicaps, totals) and coefficients for events, indicated on the line of the current day may change after any bet, but the conditions of previously made bets remain unchanged with the exception of cases of technical and obvious line errors.

    4.2. Only the amount Confirmed and registered by the company.

    4.3. The customer is the only person responsible for the bets. Once the bet has been placed and its acceptance has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled by the client. Winset B.V. does not provide any warranty regarding “lost” or “double” bets made by customers. Please check all your bets carefully.

    4.4. Losing a password cannot be a reason for canceling bets or canceling request for payment of winnings.

    4.5. The bid is considered accepted as soon as it is confirmed by the company. All accepted bets are displayed in the "Bid History" menu. In some cases there may be a delay in the appearance of a bet in the "Bet History". When of possible disputes, the time when the bid was registered is considered true in the company system. If the client has not received a message about the acceptance of the bid, a bet is still considered accepted if it is displayed in the "Bet History".

    4.6. Communication failures or other technical failures in customer communications are not reason for canceling a bet if the bet is registered on the server.

    4.7. Accepted bets, with the exception of certain cases specified in the data Rules are not subject to cancellation or amendment. User bears responsibility for the correctness of the details specified in the rate.

    4.8. After betting, the bet amount is debited from the game account. User. After calculating the bet, the winning amount is credited to the gaming User account. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount on the total bid coefficient.

  • 5. Data display

    5.1. The company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness. information services offered, including event data live and mailing services.

    5.2. Winset B.V. makes every effort to keep information on live events (such as score, game time and team / player statistics) was correct. However, this information is displayed for informational purposes only. Winset B.V. does not bear any responsibility in case of error or untimelyness of these data.

    5.3. Winset B.V. not responsible and does not accept claims regarding correct translation of the names of teams and surnames of players from foreign languages.

    5.4. If the specified tournament / match contains participants with the same surnames and when accepting bets on one of them, the athlete’s name was not indicated or another sign that uniquely identifies it, all bets on positions involving this player are non-refundable.

    5.5. If in the name of the match or in the name of the position one or more participants are indicated in the line incorrectly (with the exception of translation errors, that is, if another team / player of the declared tournament is indicated instead of the necessary one), all bets on such an event are recognized void and occurs on them return. Only Winset B.V. has the right to determine affiliation events in this category.

    5.6. In cases where the line does not indicate specific details of the commands and / or Competitions, such as a specific age group (e.g., under 18 / under 21 years old / youth teams), gender (women) or team status (reserve), which leads to the mention of another team and / or competition in the line instead of the stated, all bets on such a match are refundable. In other cases, an indication of an incomplete name or possible Grammar errors in the line all bets remain valid. If in line gender is not indicated, it is considered that the team is male, in the case of a match involving Women's teams must mention this detail in the line - otherwise In case of betting on this match are refundable.

    5.7. The date and time indicated on the line is the date and time of termination accept bets on an event (except live events) and do not necessarily match with the date and time of the actual start of the event. Event start time when calculating bets, the actual time is considered, which is determined by based on official documents of the organization that conducts this competition as well as data

    5.8. If the venue of the meeting is not indicated in the line, in the list of events the first is the owner of the field, except for competitions of American species sports. All information given in the "header" related to a specific sport, is auxiliary in nature. Possible errors in this Information is not a basis for refund rates.

    5.9. There is a delay in accepting live bets, the amount of which may vary depending on the sport, market and other features, and installed exclusively by Winset B.V. for reasons Security and protection against late customer rates.

    5.10. For the convenience of customers and taking into account the specifics of live events, in which coefficients often change, the client can choose one of the options: “Accept any changes in the odds”, “Accept only elevated odds ”or“ Do not accept bets when changing odds ”, which determine, respectively, whether a bet will be accepted if the coefficient has changed, with any changes, only if if the changed coefficient exceeds the initial estimated customer bid coefficient, or the system will not accept bids at any change.

    5.11. The date and time the event began indicated in the company’s software, are informative. Incorrect start date or time events are not grounds for cancellation of bets. In this case a bet is considered valid if it is made before the actual the beginning of the event.

    5.12. If the match started from the moment at which it was previously interrupted, and in the line it was not due, then the rates are refundable.

    5.13. If the athlete / team declared in the competition, for any reason did not participate in it, then all bets placed on it, in this competition will be void. If an athlete / team took part in the competition, but could not complete it (retired, was disqualified, and so on), then all bets placed on him, in this competition, remain valid and the calculation is made according to the received the result.

  • 6. Related events and outcomes

    6.1. It is forbidden to include different markets in “expresses” and “systems”, which belong to the same match and are interconnected. If in "Express" or "system" included such events, then this rate refundable even if the betting computer program does not blocked her at admission. Winset B.V. reserves the exclusive the right to determine whether events are interconnected.

    6.2. When playing on an exit / absence from a group in "expresses" and "systems" are allowed to bet on only one team from a given groups. If an exit / failure to have been included in the “express” or “system” teams from the same group, then these bets are refundable, even if the computer program for receiving bets did not block them at the time of reception. Winset B.V. reserves the exclusive right to determine accept bets on exit / absence from the group in “expresses” and “systems” or in "ordinaries".

  • 7. Obvious and technical errors

    7.1. The company does not bear any responsibility for errors. entering, transferring or calculating bets. In particular, Winset B.V. leaves for the right to correct obvious errors that occurred during the input of information by betting odds and / or when calculating the amounts of bets (for example, errors in coefficients, incorrectly specified commands, incorrectly specified events), or declare appropriate bids void even after completion events. In case of correction of obvious errors, a refund is made. The most common types of technical errors are the following:

    7.1.1. Coefficient input errors - if the coefficient (or the handicap / total parameter, etc.) is displayed without a dividing sign (periods / semicolons) or with any additional number.

    Example: instead of coefficient 1.8, 18 is displayed, instead of coefficient 2 23 is displayed, instead of a factor of 3, 30 is displayed, etc.

    7.1.2. "Mirror" errors - when the coefficients on players are displayed in diametrically opposite order. In this case match favorite (including current favorite live event) is displayed with coefficient exceeding the coefficient of the outsider of this event.

    Example: Basketball. “Barcelona” - “Unicaja”. The winner of the match. Instead of 1.2 and 4 displays 4 and 1,2.

    7.1.3. Write errors - if all coefficients are correct, however, the commands are written in the wrong order (usually relevant for events, passing in a neutral field).

    That is, for the previous example: the entry “Basketball. “Unicaja” - “Barcelona”. The winner of the match. 1,2 and 4 ”instead of“ Basketball. “Barcelona” - “Unicaja”. The winner of the match. 1,2 and 4 ".

    The obvious indicators of obvious errors are: a very high difference in Winset B.V. ratios and other betting companies, odds, which are almost impossible to give in the current situation of the match.

    The right to determine whether an obvious or technical error or not, belongs exclusively to Winset B.V ..

    7.2. Winset B.V. reserves the right to produce Cancellation of bets made on knowingly incorrect odds. About what happened changes in the balance, the client will be informed immediately.

    7.3. The company reserves the right to cancel bets even after the event ends, if these bets are won by a user due to a technical malfunction or an obvious error.

  • 8. Credit Rates

    8.1. does not accept any bets and does not provide credit services to clients

  • 9. Legal Aspects

    9.1. Winset B.V. expressly declares that the placement betting and betting organization, as well as participation in a sports tote, multiplayer poker, casino games and lottery games can be restricted by law or even prohibited in some countries. Such restrictions or prohibitions may apply even if the company received necessary permissions (license to hold a tote or organization gambling) for betting and betting. Consequently, the client must note that if bidding or participation in sports sweepstakes, multiplayer poker games and games lottery type is prohibited or permitted only under certain conditions, which are not observed in these Rules, liability for any damage, resulting from this lies solely with the client. Customer also must take note that the company is not required to provide broader information, instructions and warnings to customers, than in this paragraph. In particular, the company is not responsible for damage incurred by the client in connection with the violation of the relevant legislative prohibitions in force in his / her country.

    9.2. By placing a bet or participating in games, the client confirms that he reached the minimum age limit of his country’s law adulthood, and also confirms its legal capacity to join agreement with the company. In case of failure to comply with these requirements, the account the client will be closed and necessary measures will be applied to it.

    9.3. Customer agrees that his personal information, provided to the company during sweepstakes, games in multiplayer poker, casino games and lottery games, as well as any other game is stored and used using automatic means.

    9.5. The company reserves the right to inform customers about special promotions and new products by phone and email.

    9.6. The relationship between customers and the company are subject to and regulated by the legislation of Curacao relevant legal norms of private international law. The place fulfillment of all obligations regarding bets and games, as well as relevant Betting is Curacao. All disputes arising out of or in connection with bets made by customers are allowed, if this does not contradict by law, a court in Curacao that has the relevant territorial and subject jurisdiction.

    9.7. The company expressly states that it does not provide users are not advised on tax and / or legal issues.

    9.8. No betting disputes can lead to litigation, lawsuits, as well as claims regarding betting license or permission if the company complies with the rules of arbitration.

    9.9. In case of any claims and disputes by customers and their representatives are limited by the size of the company bets of the client or his potential winnings.

    9.10. In case of any disputes or claims database Winset B.V. takes precedence over any other data.

    9.11. If there are disagreements between the Russian version of these rules and translation into another language, the text in Russian is considered correct.

    9.12. Disputes, claims based on the results of the event accepted for consideration by the bookmaker for five days since the end of the sporting event.

  • 10. Bid Limitations

    10.1. The betting company has the right not to accept bets with citizens without explanation and reserves the right to close or temporarily block individual customer accounts without prior notice.

    10.2. Minimum and maximum bet sizes for all sporting events are determined by the betting company and are subject to changes without prior written notice. Moreover, Winset B.V. reserves the right to impose special restrictions on accounts of individual customers.

    10.3. Winset B.V. prohibits two or more participants to place bets from one IP address (from one computer or from one local network) in order to avoid suspicions of collusion (fraud). In such cases, it is necessary to coordinate the possibility of playing with Winset B.V. from explanation of reasons. Winset B.V. entitled to block the account of such a client and ask him to send any identification documents.

    10.3.1. Winset B.V reserves the right to close gaming account (for a period of 30-60 business days) and / or cancel all bets made on this account, if it determines that:

    а) the betting participant had information at the time of betting about the result of the event;

    b) the bettor had the opportunity to influence the result events, being a direct participant in the match (athletes, referees, trainers, etc.) or by a person acting on their behalf;

    c) bets are made by a group of betting parties acting in concert(by a syndicate) in order to exceed the established Masters-bet restrictions;

    d) one bettor has several game accounts(multiple registration);

    e) Better suspected of using special software or hardware to automate bidding process;

    f) any dishonest methods of obtaining information were used or circumventing restrictions set on the Masters-bet website;

    g) there are reasons to believe that the game account is not used for betting and other gaming related activities.

    10.5. Sports statistics published on the official website for three days after the end of a sporting event.

    10.6. When placing a bet, it is forbidden to combine dependent and / or indirectly interconnected events. Are dependent events whose results are partially or fully related to each other by another, or, provided that one of these events is fulfilled, the probability of winning another event increases significantly. Winset B.V. reserves the right to determine which events to consider dependent on each other.

  • 11. Late Bets

    11.1. Bets made after the start of the event, except bets in live mode, in all cases are invalid and subject to return, and in "expresses" and "systems" they are calculated with a coefficient of 1. Any bet(including in live mode) made on an event whose result is already known at the time of the bid, is considered invalid and will be refunded.

    11.2. In case a bet on an event, for any reasons was accepted after its actual start, then such a bid will be voided. Exceptions are bets accepted at in the course of events, in the "Live" mode. If the bet is in the Live mode, for any reason, was accepted at an event whose result in fact was already determined at the time of placing the relevant rate, then Winset B.V. reserves the right to cancel this bet and acknowledge its invalid. When making a bet, the Player declares that he is not knows and is not aware of the outcome of the event on which he is placing a bet.

    11.3. If the client wishes to dispute the time the event began, he must provide an official document (or a link to the site regulatory authorities of the event), which confirms the actual the start time of the match for which this bet was made.

    11.4. In the event of a dispute regarding time start of event if official regulatory authorities the relevant tournament / event does not provide such information or do not have it, Masters-bet information about the start time of this events are considered the only correct one when calculating bets.

  • 12. Return

    12.1. If a refund is declared at the rate, such rate is considered winning with a coefficient of 1. In the case of “ordinals" this means that the client will receive back the amount of money put on this bet. In the case of “express” or “system”, the overall coefficient will be changed accordingly (in the event where the return occurred, the coefficient takes the value 1, the coefficients for the remaining events will remain unchanged, the final coefficient will be considered similar scheme; only the outcome coefficient for the event for which the return was given (one of the factors of the final coefficient of the "express" or "system"), takes the value 1.

    for instance:
    • Express

    • Position

    • Exodus

    • Coefficient

    • Finland - Moldova

    • Victory 1

    • 1,55

    • Malta - Croatia

    • Croatia Handicap (-2)

    • 1,7

    • Bulgaria - England

    • Victory 2

    • 1,5

    Total Express Ratio = 1,55 * 1,7 * 1,5 = 3,95.

    If Finland and England won in the above matches, and Croatia won with an advantage of two goals, this “express” will play, however, when calculating the total coefficient, instead of 1.7 there will be a coefficient of 1, and the final coefficient of this express will be equal 1,55 * 1 * 1,5 = 2,325.

    12.2. If as a result of the match the total number of goals scored is equal to the total bets and among the proposed outcomes of this total there was no option “Exactly the specified number of goals ", there is a return. Similarly for individual totals, player totals, card totals / corners / deletions, fouls and other parameters with the equality of the final value of the match and the proposed total parameter, a return occurs.

  • 13. Customer Data Confidentiality

    13.1. The client is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information regarding his account, and is required to take all measures to preventing the use of a personal account by unauthorized persons. Any operations confirmed by entering the login and password of the account holder, are considered valid and have legal force.

    13.2. If the client suspects that his username and password have become known to an unauthorized person, he is entitled at any time to send to request for temporary blocking of an account until clarification all circumstances.

    13.3. In order to ensure the security of personal data of customers. Winset B.V. communicates with clients only by e-mail specified by the client when registration on the site

    13.4. The client is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any information concerning his email, and is obliged to take all measures to preventing unauthorized use of the email address. Winset B.V. not responsible for any loss or loss, resulting from the relationship between the betting company and the client, using a registered email address.

    13.5. Winset B.V. maintains a confidential list of all its users, and also collects and stores their personal information and personal data, for the purpose of identification, ensuring the safety of gaming accounts, processing financial transactions, the provision of services and customer support. Personal information and personal data of users are collected and not for sale, but may be used by the company to provide information about new products, services or to distribute advertising materials. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User thereby agrees to the use of his personal information and personal data for the above purposes of the company.

  • 14. Fixed games

    14.1. In case of possible interference with the match result and formation odds for the match (including in case of suspicion of contractual matches) Winset B.V. reserves the right to freeze payments on this event or cancel bets on this match, as well as transfer information to the relevant authorities for further investigation and preventing such incidents.

    14.2. Winset B.V. reserves the right to suspend payments at rates and make a return on bets on the event, if there is good reason to consider This match is negotiable. Such grounds may be based on the amount the number and nature of bets made by one or all possible methods. The decision of governing bodies is also taken into account. relevant federations and regulatory bodies. In such cases, Winset B.V. reserves the right to transmit information on the relevant party to the governing bodies for further investigation and preventing such incidents.

  • 15. Neutral field

    15.1. If the match is moved to a neutral field (NP), bets are saved, when transferred to an opponent’s field, they must be returned. In case of team play from one city for any transfer of the game to another field, bets are considered valid and non-refundable. In international matches return betting occurs only when the match is transferred to the opponent’s state field.

  • 16. Interrupted Events

    16.1. An event is considered interrupted if the necessary was not played. the amount of playing time due to company regulations, even if the result at which the event was interrupted is later Approved as final.

    16.1.1. Matches are considered valid if they are interrupted (and not finished) after  deadline:
     football - 90 minutes;
     futsal - 30 minutes;
     basketball matches with a duration of 48 minutes (NBA, FBA, KBA) - 43 minutes;
     basketball matches lasting 40 minutes - 35 minutes;
     NHL Hockey (National Hockey League) - 55 minutes;
     ball hockey - 60 minutes;
     Euro hockey - 50 minutes;
     American Football - 55 minutes;
     baseball - 5 periods (innings);
     handball - 50 minutes.

    16.2. For interrupted events recognized as failed, if not agreed otherwise in the rules for sports, all bets are refundable, except bets, the result of which by the time the event stops is uniquely defined. For interrupted events, unconditional return rates are subject to on the comparative effectiveness of halves (periods, etc.).

  • 17. Postpone event start time

    17.1. If the start time of the event has been changed and is not otherwise specified in the rules for sports, all bets on this event are non-refundable.

    17.2. In case the game is postponed to the following days or the field changes when When playing the next round, bets are considered valid. If the passage of the team that went to the next round, later on any reason has been canceled, the cancellation is not taken into account and payment occurs according to the results of matches played. If the second match did not take place or was interrupted, then all bets on it, including the passage, are refundable. Payments for the passage are made only at bets made before first match. If none of the matches took place, then bets are subject to return.

  • 18. Bet calculation

    18.1. Winset B.V. declares valid results based on official protocols and alternative sources of information (including event video) after the event ends. Bets are calculated based on the results published on in section "Results". If the results do not match in different sources information, as well as their obvious mistakes, the final decision on determining the results for calculating rates takes Winset B.V..

    18.2. All customer inquiries regarding the correctness of the site results should only be based on official sources of information (sites of regulatory bodies for the indicated championships).

    Information from other sources cannot be the basis for a review / recalculation of rates.

    18.3. Valid (actual) are the results announced on based on official protocols and other official sources information immediately after the event.

    The organizer uses the following official sources: - Champions League, UEFA Cup, European Championship and qualifying games (football); - Confederation Cup, world championship and qualifying games (football); - football, Greece; - football, Austria; - football, Turkey; - football, Russia; - football, England; - football, England; - ​​football, Italy; - football, Germany; - football, Spain; - football, Spain; - football, France; - football, USA; - football; - American Football; - basketball, Russia; - Basketball, NBA; - Basketball, Euroleague; - Basketball, ULEB; - Hockey, NHL; - hockey, Russia; - ball hockey, Russia; - Tennis, ATP; - Tennis, WTA; - baseball; - handball; - chess; - volleyball, Rus

    The organizer, if necessary, can use other official sources.

    In exceptional cases, the organizer reserves the right to use video viewing to establish the true result.

    18.4. For live bets, the results on which they are calculated bets are the results that became known immediately after end of event / competition. All subsequent changes (e.g. changes in results by decision of the jury after the game) are not accepted into account. The company itself calculates live rates based on its own statistics on the actual progress of the game. Unless otherwise specified, then in live bets all bets on non-competing athletes are considered invalid.

    18.5. If company statistics (based on TV coverage) is different from official statistics, rates are calculated according to company statistics.

    18.6. If more than one competitor or team is declared the winner of the competition, the winning ratio for the winner of the competition is divided by the number winners (coefficient cannot be less than 1).

    18.7. If one of the competitors leaves for the next round for any reason was later canceled - cancellation is not considered accepted. Bets are settled based on the results of matches.

    18.9. All bets for which the outcome is already known (in particular, bets on who will score the next goal or win a certain segment of the match), are considered valid and calculated even if the tournament or The event was interrupted.

    18.10. f the match is not completed and is considered invalid, then all bets on it are refundable (except as specified in clause 16.1.1), even if the result in which the event was interrupted is later approved as final.

    18.11. If this does not contradict the special rules of certain sports, The result of a match is the result announced on the day of the match. Any possible changes as a result of the revision of the results events by the governing bodies and disciplinary sanctions of teams in Betting purposes are not taken into account, the initial results of the calculation rates remain valid.

  • 19. Client group and syndicate rates

    19.1. Users must bid independently.

    19.2. Customers are required to place bets only on their behalf. Recurring bids, containing the same selections from one or more customers may be invalidated and canceled by the company. Even after how will the official outcome of such bets be known if the company is confident that clients acted in conspiracy or syndicate or suspicious bets were made by one or more customers in a short period of time, such bets may be recognized by the company invalid and canceled.

    19.3. These bets can be canceled even if already the result of such an event is known.

  • 20. Non-participation in the event

    20.1. If this does not contradict the special rules of certain sports, in case the participant of the event on which a bet is made for any reasons can not participate in the event, the bid is recognized valid and is considered lost by the client. Exceptions make up the following cases:
     - event (or tournament) is canceled;
     - the event (or tournament) is declared invalid;
     - The event venue changed;
     - an event (or tournament) is interrupted or rescheduled.

    20.2. In the case of “Who is Higher” bets with two outcomes, if one of the participants refuses to participate before the start of the event / tournament, bets are refundable.

  • 21. Sports Rules

    21.1. Additional information on the types of sports betting is indicated in the rules for sports.

    21.2. Rules for sports are priority over general rules.

  • 22. Some types of bets

    22.1. When betting on “Even / Odd Total”, regardless of the sport and proposed position (including total goals / cards / fouls, etc.), if the result is zero, bets are settled as an even.

    22.2. All bets on the number of medals are calculated according to the official table of medals at the end of the event. Any changes undertaken governing bodies later, are not taken into account.

    22.3. Any medals won by a country team in any competition, are considered as one regardless of the number of participants in this team.

    22.4. If any market contains a possible outcome of “Any Other,” such the outcome includes all event participants not listed separately in options of the specified market.

    22.5. When playing for any events in the "list" of rounds (total number of balls, wins, defeats, draws, corners, yellow cards, etc.) are taken into account only those matches of the tour that are contained in the daily line.

  • 25. Bonus Programs

    25.2. Information on various promotions and offers that may be held by Winset B.V. or by third parties. All specific conditions for participation in the submitted promotions and bonus offers will be described in detail in the corresponding section, “Promotions and Bonuses”. By participating in promotions and offers, the User agrees to fulfill the conditions for participation in addition to these terms and conditions. Winset B.V. reserves the right, at any time and without prior notifications to add, change or delete information about promotions and bonus offers, while not bearing any responsibility to the User.

    25.3. Bonuses are always provided by Winset B.V. and have status gift, as a component of an advertising or bonus promotion. User not has no right to claim a bonus. In case of occurrence any disputes or disagreements between the User and Winset B.V., regarding the award of a gift and / or accrual of bonuses, the final a non-negotiable decision rests with Winset B.V ..

    25.4. All customer bonuses are individually limited to one person,  home address, phone number and email address, one payment account (e.g. card number or Moneybookers account), as well as the computer used (including the institute, the Internet club and another public institution). The company has the right to refuse a bonus any customer or group of customers. Bonus Programs Only Available for customers who have made a deposit in real currency to their account at Winset B.V ..

    25.5. In case of violation of any requirement of bonus programs, as well as if there is any evidence of questionable bets on the same event from customer groups or collusion regardless of the outcome of these bets Winset B.V. reserves the right to deprive such customers of a bonus, and Relevant bids void. Also for fraud protection company has the right to require documents from the client, identifying him before transferring him a bonus. User agrees not to abuse the opportunity to open a game account only to benefit from bonuses or other promotional offers, provided by the company.

    25.6. Winset B.V. has every right and solely on its own discretion, block game accounts of users, if detected illegal actions in relation to receiving bonuses or other advertising company offers.

    25.7. Users are not allowed to participate in two or more promotions at the same time.

  • Who is in control of your information?

    Throughout this Privacy Policy , "masters-bet", "we", "our" and "us" relates to Winset B.V., a limited liability company, registered in Curacao with company number 136429, having its registered address at Emancipatie Boulevard, Dominico F. "Don" Martina, 31, Willemstad, Curaçao. We are registered as a 'Controller' with the office of the information and Data Protection Commissioner in Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. "Don" Martina 29, Curacao. 'Controller' is a person or company who determines how and why your personal information is used. Your information is held by us on servers based in Luxemburg and elsewhere from time to time.

    Our Data Protection Officer

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    Personally identifiable information

    You provide this information to us in the process of setting up an account, placing bets and using the services of the website. This information is required to give you access to certain parts of our website and related services. This data is collected when you:

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    Providing our products and services

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    Your right to complain to the regulator
    Your right of erasure

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    The right to erasure does not apply if processing is necessary for one of the following reasons: to exercise the right of freedom of expression and information; to comply with a legal obligation; for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority; for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific research historical research or statistical purposes where erasure is likely to render impossible or seriously impair the achievement of that processing; or *for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

  • Sharing your personal information

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